Atomic Lab


Science of movement

Atomic Lab 2021

We share an affinity for physical, experimental and multi-disciplinary theatre as well as clowning practice. We are also committed to engaged leadership and right relations with each there and the temporary communities we work with.

Our first effort as a team was to host the Atomic Movement Lab over 2 months with 6 invited artists. The Lab was led alternately by Britt, Pedro and Kathleen. We explored various theatrical movement systems and philosophies including the work of Anne Bogart (Viewpoints), Jacques Lecoq (Clown), Grotowski, Tadashi Suzuki and Ruth Zaporah.

This was an opportunity to introduce AV’s new creative leadership team to the community, dive into the experimental and get our bodies and minds moving and playing together as we ride out the pandemic.

Interested to know when the next lab will be? Stay connected! Send us your name and email and we’ll contact you when the next Atomic Lab happens.

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