Ride the Cyclone

Ride the Cyclone

The long-awaited big-cast musical sequel to Legoland, from the theatrical wunderkinder at Victoria’s own Atomic Vaudeville. It’s a comedy, a tragedy, and a musical ride, as a teenage chamber choir from Uranium, Saskatchewan die in a roller coaster accident at a traveling fair. Karnack, a mechanized fortune-telling machine, feels responsible for the young choir’s demise, and gives the teens a chance to express themselves to the world after death. Ride the Cyclone is their final recital, where they celebrate their individuality while coming to terms with their untimely demise.

After our successful Canadian tours, and a successful run at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Ride the Cyclone went on to a successful run off Broadway in New York at the MCC Theatre, becoming a Best of 2016 Critic’s Pick in the New York Times, one of the top 10 of 2016 by Deadline Hollywood, and earning a Drama League Nomination under OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION OF A BROADWAY OR OFF-BROADWAY MUSICAL. Recently, Ride the Cyclone completed a successful run at the ACT Theatre in Seattle, sadly however, the production was met with the tragic passing of it’s director Rachel Rockwell.

In May 2019, Ride the Cyclone will open at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta.

Written by Jacob Richmond

Directed by Britt Small and Jacob Richmond

Lyrics and music by Brooke Maxwell and Jacob Richmond

Choreography and staging by Treena Stubel

Production Design by Hank Pine and James Insell