Our original production of Action Review: Feel the Fight garnered us the Kevin Spacey Foundation Award – we were honoured to have the only musical in Canada to receive this distinction, around the same time we were selected as a soft launch for The Belfry Theatre’s SPARK Festival. These two events helped us bring our attention back to Action Review  – now named BlissKrieg.

BlissKrieg was conceived as a musical comedy about the two last people in the universe inside a post-human simulated paradise. Tilda would give her daughter Jingwei a crash course on humanity as they’d have just over an hour to make a crucial decision on the future of life in the universe. The production grew and evolved to have a focus on Tilda’s time traveling troupe “The Jimmy Jammers” as they tried to make sense of humanity through the gothic direction of Jingwei, culminating in a show with a lot of heart, laughter, and a touching connection between a mother and daughter.

After it’s 3rd phase workshop presentation in Victoria, BlissKrieg will be returning to Victoria in the near future. Stay tuned for more..

Book by Alex Wlasenko & Jacob Richmond

Music by Hank Pine & Alex Wlasenko

Artistic Producer, Director & Choreographer
Britt Small​

Artistic Director, Director & Dramaturge
Jacob Richmond

Musical Director
John Han

Arrangements by Hank Pine and John Han

Set Designer – Caitlenn Bull

Costume Designer – Lexy Young

Lighting Designer – Rebekah Johnson

Projection Designer – Grayson Walker

Additional Choreography – Sarah Murphy

Additional Music – Marco Bozenich

Voice Actors – Chris Mackie & Trevor Hinton

Voice Recording – Treena Strubel

Audio Technician – Paul Tedeschini

Stage Manager – Autumn Antonsen