Action Review: Feel the Fight

Action Review: Feel the Fight

Action Revue: Feel the Fight explores combat, violence and masculine stereotypes in this ambitious new work set in a boxing ring.

Started in 2014, Action Revue was first presented in rough workshop form for one night at the Metro Theatre in 2015. This performance takes that work further with a writing collaboration between Jacob Richmond, Alex Wlasenko and Britt Small. This project came about out of an interest to further develop themes explored in our cabaret series with shows such as: My Dad can Beat up your Dad, Fight Night, Violence is Gay. Small was inspired by the book A Self-Made Man where a female journalist went undercover as a man for over a year. The show explores the central question of how masculine archetypes are both created and destroyed with a ring master narrating a series of bouts set in a boxing ring. 

After it’s 2nd phase workshop presentation in Victoria, Action Revue was renamed BlissKrieg and was presented at The Belfry Theatre’s SPARK Fest in early 2017.

Written by Jacob Richmond and Alex Wlasenko

Directed by Jacob Richmond

Music by Marco Bozenich

Production Design by  James Insell


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